Mystery of Colonial’s giant hole in the ground is solved

COLONIAL’S FRONT YARD — Sometime ago there was a big hole in the front of the school. No one really knew what it was. They had it fenced off for a while, too.

Student Rory Gerhardt, 4M, said she thought “it had to do with the pipes.”  Someone else commented the hot water in the girls room was always cold.

Mr. Bob Benkwitt, head custodian, cleared up the mystery. “There were two drainpipes from the roof that were broken,” he said. “The water was coming back into the building instead of out the drainpipe.”

“They’re still working on it, and have to clean it from time to time,” he added.

Now it’s all clarified, but as mentioned, it is a work in progress. So until it’s finished, at least we know what it was.