Student Government discusses lunch menu, food drive, suggestions

COLONIAL LIBRARY — The Student Government met in the library at lunch on Jan. 19 and your correspondent was there. President Henry Driesen called the meeting to order, attendance was taken and President Driesen asked if there were any questions for the different committees to bring up.

William Campisano (5Gold) and Jonathan Girolamo (5V), class representatives and members of the lunch commitee, asked if any changes were possible with the Chartwell’s lunch program. Representatives will be sorting through suggestions to see if there is anything they can do.

“The lunch committee is about trying to make the lunch program better,” said Natalia Cherner, a 3K class representative.

Another class 3K representative, Maxwell Resnick, said, “The lunch committee is to improve Chartwell’s quality, and to make it fresh instead of packaged. We are willing to pay more money for better quality lunch.”

Representatives were reminded to go to different classrooms to remind students of the food drive, which runs from Jan. 17 to Feb. 4.

When the representatives were reading the suggestions from students, it become clear many of the ideas were out of the government’s hands or unneeded. Some students were writing about matters they thought would be funny, or that Student Government can’t do anything about.