Colonial School may get new cougar logo after student body votes on options


The boy and girl cougar were voted out by Colonial students.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Student Government is planning to change the school’s logo. A while ago, it was switched from a growling cougar to two smiling baby cougars with one wearing a bow because the old logo was considered too scary.

The design is being changed again “because so many people just think it’s too friendly and inviting when we should be showing how fierce we are,” said Second Vice President Claudia Dodge.

She said students want the previous cougar logo “when it was pouncing and growling” and she wants “something like the old one.”

How do we go about changing the logo? Mr. Alexander Ventura, Student Government advisor and fifth grade teacher said, “Some alternatives should be put up and given to the student body for a vote. I think the logo should represent the student body. So it’s really the student body that should agree on what the mascot should be.”

“Cougars are strong, resourceful and beautiful creatures,” he said.