‘GROWL 2012:’ Third and fifth graders appear in pictures to teach and learn how to behave


Colonial Times file photo

File photo: GROWL jar in the classroom.

COLONIAL GYM — Mrs. Tonya Wilson, the principal, hosted a town meeting on March 2 for the third and fifth graders to show how to behave around the school. The presentation was called “GROWL 2012.”

Several days before the town meeting, Mrs. Wilson took each of the fifth and third grade classes to take pictures. She took classes 5G and 3L outside to get photos of them doing the right and wrong things. Then she took classes 5Gold and 3K to take pictures of them doing the right things at lunch. The last classes, 5V and 3L, were photographed doing the right things in the hallways and on the stairways.

At the town meeting, the kids were excited to see themselves on the big projector screen. First, Mrs. Wilson talked about GROWLing, the Colonial good behavior program we’ve written about here. She showed the photos of 5V and 3L together, then 5Gold and 3K, and finally 5G and 3D.

Towards the end of the town meeting, Mrs. Wilson had the students put a thumbs up if kids in the picture were GROWLing or put their thumbs down if they weren’t GROWLing. In the bad pictures, Mrs. Wilson explained why the behavior wasn’t correct. She also said if you see a younger student doing one of the wrong behaviors you can say something like, “Excuse me, but I don’t think you should be doing that. You can can get in trouble or injured.”

“Pictures are better for kids to learn from so they can see what to do,” said Mrs. Wilson.

Kids had different reactions to the meeting. Eliza Bratone from class 3K was “surprised because I never see people doing that stuff.”

Jamie Burke (3D) said he felt “guilty because it’s about people who aren’t behaving and I feel like I might have.”

It is hoped that kids follow these rules. Here’s what GROWL stands for:

Give their best
Respect each other
Work and play safely
Love their school