All students will participate in Colonial Helps projects to aid community with recycling, street clean up, senior visits

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Starting in the spring, all Colonial grades will be participating in Colonial Helps, a program in which students help the community.

The Colonial Helps projects are made to be fun for the kids while giving them the chance to help.

“I am most excited that kids will be able to actually participate in a community project,” said principal Mrs. Tonya Wilson. “It’s good for children to get involved.”

Here is what the different grades will be doing:

  • K-1: Recycling for the Terracycle Bridge Program.
  • 2-3: Adopt a Street, where they will clean up  the streets surrounding Colonial School.
  • 4-5: Go to the Pelham Senior Citizens Club meetings to help out.

The project has been arranged by the Colonial Site-Based Council.

This program gives the children a way to get involved with helping their community. It’s also supposed to be fun!