A tale of hamster lost: Raj makes a break for it, but is found safe

CLASSROOM 4C — Class members of 4C were shocked when they found out their class hamster, Raj, was missing.

Grayce Cooper said she was “surprised” when she heard the news. Mrs. Linda Carlson said she was very worried.

Mrs. Carlson told 4C she had seen that Raj was not in his cage and must have escaped over the weekend.  She said he would most likely be sleeping that Monday morning, since hamsters are nocturnal, and he would probably be very thirsty.

It was time for the class to start looking. Annika Jawanda said she “looked behind bookshelves and under papers. Plus the places he likes to go.”

Most of the class did just about the same thing. They looked between books, behind the easel, under the desks and anywhere else a hamster could go.

Finally, Annika found Raj snuggled behind one of the bookshelves, around a lot of pins. Annika said she “picked him up carefully and put him inside his cage and also made sure he wasn’t hurt.”

Mrs. Carlson said she was “ecstatic and relieved” when Raj was found. Class 4C hopes that their hamster won’t go missing again.