Fifth grade goes to Jacob Burns Film Center to learn to make memoir movies


Colonial’s fifth grade classes at the Jacob Burns Film Center.

PLEASANTVILLE — The Colonial fifth grade went to Jacob Burns Film Center to learn about film and media making.

The fifth graders are studying filmmaking because they will be creating films based on their memoirs. On the field trip, they went to two different buildings. One place to learn about movies, and another to learn about sounds and see a soundproof room.

The program is about “introducing media to kids and helping them communicate with pictures,” said Jacob Burns teacher Brady Shoemaker. “When I was in fifth grade, I saw a movie that insired me to make movies.”

Mr. Alex Ventura, fifth grade teacher, explained the trip was designed to help students “see how powerful using media can be and how many techniques can be used to tell stories and allow an audience to make meaning.”

Fifth grade students enjoyed learning about media as they prepare to direct their memoir films, which will have their world premiere at the Pelham Picture House.

“The soundproof room was my favorite because I think it’s cool that people can scream in there and not be heard,” said Carolina Juana (5GL).

“I like the pyschological,” said Ben Glickman (5V). “You can make things that are reflected and it looks cool.”

Contributing to this story were Kristina Roksvold, Lindsay McNamara, Francesca Di Cristofano, Claudia Dodge and Peyton Rees.