An interview with Colonial Times advisor Mr. Zahradnik

Mr. Rich Zahradnik, the co-advisor of the Colonial Times, has been working with the school newspaper for two years. Find out why he started it, why the newspaper was so popular in the beginning of the year, and why the newspaper is online.

“I had been thinking for several years” about helping with a paper, said Mr. Zahradnik. “I had a few ideas to make a newspaper fun for kids, and I chose this school because Patrick (his son) goes here. When I left my job at Fox Business, I became a writer. I wanted to be closer to the community. When I was thinking of starting the newspaper, the idea was kind of vague. The one thing I connected with was in the writing celebrations and how excited kids got about writing.”

The paper went from being super huge to not so popular. “We had a big town meeting and it sounded exciting but it is still hard work and not a lot of kids thought about that,” he said. “I knew a lot of kids were not going to stay. I’m surprised we still have this many kids. We have a lot more than I thought.”

Finally, Mr. Zahradnik was asked why the newspaper is online and not print. “We don’t have much of a budget for the newspaper. The print costs a lot. It costs money to set up the type and get it printed. But online papers are short and easy to write. People get used to writing and reading these stories. But the print you need a certain amount of stories and they need to be a certain length. An online paper, you can edit it and add to it whenever you want.”