We’re liveblogging the welcome back picnic: Click here for latest news


Thunder from some crazy clouds forced the party to end early.

We’re liveblogging the welcome back picnic. Here’s the news:

6:33 pm — “I think it’s the best picnic I’ve been to, but the weather is a shame. I think everyone is still enjoying it. There are a lot more people here than last year’s picnic, but both were great! My burger is great and B&Bs food is good. It was nice of them to come and cook here,” said Mrs. Marianne Gilland, member of the Pelham school board.
–Phoebe Rothschild

6:20 pm — The party is over but no one is leaving. The DJ is gone. The DJ was playing love songs I don’t like.
–Luke Matos

6:07 pm — The Colonial School welcome back picnic was canceled after it started due to thunder.
“I wish it didn’t thunder,” said Mrs. Willson, the principal.
“The Colonial parents bring in the best desserts, ” said Judy Shampanier, a parent.
–Carly McNamara

Kids and parents enjoy the picnic.

6:02 pm — “It was chaotic but awesome!” said Judy Shampanier, a parent.
“It was so nice to see students here from the present and the past!” said Mrs. McCarthy, Kindergarten teacher.
–Anna Shampanier-Bowen

5:50 pm — “I think this is a good party so far. If they pull this off next year, I’m totally coming back,” said Brook Holtage, fifth grade.
“Awesome,” said Margo Phillips, fourth grade.
–Charlie Pedorella

5:39 pm — “I’ve been walking around and everything looks fun!” said Lucy Dolan, first grade.
“Great and awesome,” said Josie Leff, Kindergarten.
–Callie Leff