Colonial flood causes school to close early after bathrooms fail


Colonial School on a day it was not raining.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — There was a flood here on Sept. 28, and students were sent home at noon.

Some kids were puzzled and others worried. A lot of parents work in the city and quickly had to find a solution.

The biggest problem was the bathrooms. No one could use them. Storm water overflowed into Colonial from Highbrook and Pelhamdale avenues. This was the main reason the students in the building were sent home early.

“I thought  Mr. Benkwitt  and Mr. Rodriguez did a fantastic job containing and cleaning the flood, and I was so happy there was no damage  and that no one was hurt,” said Mr. Alex Ventura, a fifth grade teacher.

Several people were buying lunch when the flood hit. After packing up quicker than anytime before, those students were given their lunches faster than usual. They were permitted to take them home or wherever they were going.

There were mixed feelings about the incident. Emma Russelo, a new student in the school, said, “This is so exciting. This kind of stuff never happened at my other school!”

Two other students also had something to say about the flood issue:

  • Lauren Ulto (IH): “It was a little crazy.”
  • Andrew Kelly (3D): “I thought it was great because school isn’t my favorite thing, and I like getting out early.”

The important thing is there was no major damage to the school, no one was injured and everyone was picked up safely. This is now a part of Colonial’s history and hopefully no one will ever have to experience this again.