Pajama Program wants to stuff a bus at Colonial to help kids in need


Students are encouraged to bring in pajamas or books to stuff a bus.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — The Pajama Program is hoping to stuff a school bus on Nov. 13. The program will come to Colonial to pick the pajamas and books collected for children in need. The bus will arrive in the playground area, and the fifth graders will stuff the bus while the rest of the  school yells, “Stuff the bus!”

Colonial School needs to collect 200 pairs of pajamas for the bus to come. Everyone is encouraged to bring in a pair of new pajamas or new books, according to a Pajama Program flier.

What could be better than a warm cozy pair of pajamas and a nice new book to cuddle up with and read? Thousands of kids still don’t have pajamas and books to go to bed at night. Can you imagine not sleeping in warm pajamas? Think about all of those kids who are in shelters or just don’t have enough money to get a pair of pajamas and a book.

Mrs. Suzie Reavey is in charge of the pajama program at all of the elementary schools and gets everyone to donate for the children in need.