Student government plans for a new year after Lucas Matos is elected president

COLONIAL GYM — The third, fourth and fifth graders voted for their new president on Nov. 6. Everyone held a meeting here.

The two candidates, Lucas Matos (5V) and Christopher  Carey (5H), recited their speeches and explained their ideas. Lucas wanted to change the sports equipment and be more strict about recycling. Christopher wanted to take any suggestions by students but said he could not guarantee all requests.

After the town meeting, the students went into a voting room and put their votes in a box. Lucas was elected president. The student government, which also includes the new class representatives, is aiming for a great year.

“I was proud of myself when I won!” President Matos said.

Mrs. Kim Norman, student government advisor, said, “It’s a good exercise for students to learn how a government operates. It’s a process of coming together as a team to learn responsibility and skills.”

According to Mrs. Norman, the government isn’t focusing on any big issues. Every year, student government is really a process for students to learn how to be a leader, to be honored and also committed to classmates.

The student government will collect Pennies for Patients and helped with the Stuff the Bus program.

Student Government teaches kids many of the things involved in real government. It is great practice with meetings and all. Maybe one day you’ll be the President of Colonial School and then… the United States!