GROWL program is back helping kids to remember to behave and work hard


Colonial Times file photo

A growl jar in use last school year.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — The GROWL program, which stands for five things, is a program that Colonial uses to help kids remember the right way to behave. It also helps kids work hard.

Mrs. Wilson, the principal said, “It is important to be good and behave.”

Under the program, students want to work to earn rings which can lead to a class choosing game day, one hour of play outside, movie day or pajama day.

“It’s a good way to learn to behave and mostly in front of the teacher,” said Jacob Hartmere, a fourth grader. He thinks that the 20 rings needed for a prize will get kids to act perfectly.

The GROWL program has been going on in the school for a while.

If you’re supposed to do something and you get a reward, you do it.

Here’s what GROWL stands for:

Give their best
Respect each other
Work and play safely
Love their school