Successful book fair offers students lots of choices for their reading


Students shopped at the book fair in the Colonial library.

COLONIAL LIBRARY — The successful book fair occurred here Nov. 27-29. There were books for all ages and grades, including cooking books for parents and Lego books for little kids.

At the opening of the book fair, there was a yoga session demonstrating some of the moves from the book “Yawning Yoga” by Laurie JordanAt least 30 kids attended and even parents joined in. This took place in the Colonial School gym.

It was “so relaxing, by the end we were half asleep,” said Eileen Miller, a volunteer.

The most popular books for girls were puppy and fairy stories. The most popular books for boys were about “Stars Wars” and the “Hunger Games” series.

It took two hours to set up the library. Eight adults and a few kids helped to make the book fair perfect.

Nikolas Roman (2S) said he chose the book “Club Penguin” because he “likes Club Penguin.”

Everyone enjoyed the book fair, and it was a smashing success.  Many books vanished in a flash as soon as it opened.  Students raced as fast as they could to get certain titles  such as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel” and many others.

According to many kids, the book fair was awesome, wonderful, and amazing.  Kids have been reading their books for the past week like crazy.