Fifth grade inventors convene their innovation convention in library

Invention posters in the library for last year’s conventon.

COLONIAL LIBRARY — The Invention Convention was held today after the fifth graders worked on the big social studies project for approximately one and a half months.

The colorful and creative posters for the students’ inventions really stood out in the library. Along with the posters, there were prototypes. Prototypes are models of the students’ inventions.

The invention project started with people choosing their partners. The teams brainstormed several ideas and finally chose the one that they would present.  The project wasn’t easy because you had to write a problem, a solution, a marketing plan, what the invention does and your reflections on the experience.

Grayce Cooper and Luke Diffley agreed making the prototypes was the most enjoyable part of the project.

The fifth grade teachers gave students a lot of time to work on their projects in class. Kids also worked on them at home. Many students agreed it was fun, but challenging as well to get the project in on time.

Many groups had arguments along the way, but many problems were solved.

Emmy Kelly said, “It was fun, but a bit challenging.”