Colonial celebrates what African Americans did through American history


COLONIAL SCHOOL — The month of February is Black History Month, and it is a celebration of what African Americans have done throughout history. From the time of slavery to present day, special African Americans such as Harriet Tubman and Jackie Robinson emerged and became important people in not only African American history, but American history.

“I think that it’s great that we get to celebrate because back then people didn’t have the rights they have now,” said Jamie Burke (4C). “So we get to celebrate the people that stood up for their rights.”

Emmett Doyle (4C) said, “It is a good way to remind people of famous African Americans who changed the world.”

Some books in the library about great African Americans include “Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?” “Who was Louis Armstrong?” and “Who was Jackie Robinson?”

“It is great because for (a long) time, whites were in control of blacks and it is good to celebrate for people like Martin Luther King, Jr. changing the world,” said Matthew Alexander (4M).

Max Resnick (4C) said it is a good way to highlight the bravery of African American people. “I think it is stupid how they were treated.”

“It is a good way to learn about history, and you learn about famous black people,” said Harrison Sylver (4M).

So this month, we celebrate the contributions of many African Americans. We hope you think it is important.