Walk-to-school day adventures occur on first day of spring

STREETS OF PELHAM — Today was Colonial School’s annual walk-to-school day.  The day was organized by the Student Government.

Unfortunately, not everyone could walk. The people that celebrated the day seemed happy and cheerful to get to do this.

A lot of people think that walk-to-school day should happen more often, not just once a year. Amelie L’Henaff (3-K) said it should be four days every week.

The sad thing about walk-to-school day was that all the kids in band couldn’t walk because band started at 7:30 a.m.

Lynn Dvorkin, band member and student in 5-V, said she was disappointed “because I usually don’t get to walk to school, and I wanted to take it as an opportunity to walk with my friends.”

On the other hand, the kids who walked, liked it. Morgan McLean (5-V) said, “It was cold for the first day of spring, but on the other hand, it was a blast to walk.”

Some kids walk to school every single day. Others don’t, so they wanted to take advantage of walk-to-school day. If walk-to-school day was more often, kids might walk to school more, which could result in a decrease in the amount of pollution in the earth’s atmosphere.

Dane Crowley (5-V) said, “The walk to school was tough. My nose and face were cold, but I continued to walk the four long blocks, and I survived.”