Kids Helping Kids performs skit on friendship, kindness and stopping bullying

COLONIAL GYM — The Kids Helping Kids program performed a kit on March 18 that was meant to teach the third, fourth and fifth graders about friendship, kindness, bullying, to not make fun of others and to stand up for yourself and others. The name of the skit was “Snow Bright and the Seven Extraordinary People.” It was written and directed by Nina Gabriele-Cuva.

The high schoolers in the show are preforming this skit in all four Pelham elementary schools. The skit is about a girl named Snow Bright and how her friends send her into the future because Queen Shnushinfush ordered a huntsmen to kill Snow Bright. When Snow Bright goes into the  fiture, her friends’ decendents are geting bullied by Queen Shnushinfush’s  decendent, Slater Shnushinfush. With the help of her new friends, Snow Bright  stands up to Slater and teaches him that bullying is wrong.

“I thought the show was good, but I already knew bullying wasn’t good,” said Viviane Privat (3D).

As the kids entered the gym, they were given bracelets that they have been wearing all over the school. Everyone can’t wait until next years’ performance.