How fifth graders feel about going to Pelham Middle School

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COLONIAL SCHOOL — How do the fifth graders feel about going to sixth grade? Some might feel good or some might feel worried. Many say  they think it might be harder.

“I’m pretty sure it’s a lot harder,” said Julia Rosenberg. “But some people might fly by in sixth grade. I’m excited and nervous. I’m excited because I get to see my friends from the other schools. I’m nervous because of all the homework.”

Many fifth graders probably feel the same way.

“I’m nervous because it’s a new school, and it’s bigger and we’re the youngest,” said Charlotte Howard. “I’m also excited because there are more teachers, and I’ll have more freedom.”

What about their grades? Do they think they’ll get good grades in middle school? There has been one response from every fifth grader interviewed. All of them feel that the work will be harder but they will still do very well.