Shhh! It’s not really a town meeting on safety; it’s a celebration in appreciation of teachers!

COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — On May 10, Colonial School had a town meeting outside at the playground. Principal Tonya Wilson announced over the loud speaker that the town meeting was about safety. Secretly though between Mrs. Wilson and the students, the meeting was actually a time to appreciate the teachers for all of their hard work they did this year.

At the beginning of the town meeting, Miriam Ciacca (5H) sang a song to thank all the teachers for their hard work. Ms. Jacovina played the rhythm of the song on her ukulele. After the song, everyone was applauding like a mad house and smiling crazily for how brave she was to do that.

Tisya, Maya, Ella and Malia, all third graders in 3L, interviewed different students about each teacher in the school. Each student that had been interviewed said what they thought about the teacher they were asked about. They went in front of the school and said their quote into the microphone.