Colonial band, orchestra and chorus offer broad program of songs during May 10 concert

HUTCHINSON GYM — The Colonial School Band, Orchestra and Chorus performed here on May 10.

Students prepared for this concert since January. For orchestra, students played eight songs: “Do Re Mi,” “Walking Basses,” “1812 Overture,” “We Will Rock You,” “Scotland’s Burning,” “French Folk Song,” “America the Beautiful” and “Allegro.”

For band, the students performed four songs: “Five Note Scale,” “Fanfare and March,” “Anasazi” and “Starsplitter Fanfare.”

“The concert was amazing,” said Nathan Brinkman, the band teacher.

In chorus, the fourth grade students performed four songs: “O Fortuna,” “Joyful,” “Melody” and “Breakfast.”

Here’s what some students said:

  • “I think the hardest song for second trumpets is ‘Anasazi,’” said trumpet player Jacob Hartmere.
  • “I like playing the violin and trumpet,” said Margot Wies.
  • “I like playing the cello in orchestra,” said Thomas Tapogna.