Bullying can happen to anyone, and everyone should work to stop it

COLONIAL — Bullying is a terrible thing. It can happen to anyone, even if you’re a bully because if you bully someone, there is a chance of being bullied back.

Sometimes, when kids get bullied and it’s so bad, they choose to make the wrong choice to themselves, harmful choices. If you know you’re a bully, change! Just ask yourself how you would feel if you were bullied right now. Would you enjoy that? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Carly McNamara (5H) said, “I have noticed bullying by people being teased, and I feel it should stop.”

Jackson Sylver (4C) told the Colonial Times that he has noticed bullying as well, especially in fourth grade.

“Bullying is a bad habit and people (should) stop, or else they will face the consequences in the future,” Jackson explained.

Bullying won’t do you any good. You won’t even be popular. So if you think it will help you get friends, think again. If you’re mad at someone, don’t bully them. Either calmly ignore them and walk away, or tell an adult.

Bullying is contagious, and you can stop it. Don’t say anything mean to anybody, even if it’s a joke. You never know when somebody is sensitive. Everybody makes mistakes. Even the President of the United States of America does. But bullying is the one mistake that no one should make!