Principal Wilson to focus on reading next school year (from June print newspaper)

PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE — One academic focus at Colonial next year will be reading, Principal Tonya Wilson said in an interview with the Colonial Times.

When we asked about big changes in academics, she replied that there wouldn’t be many major changes next year.

But Mrs. Wilson also said that the teachers continue to implement the Common Core Learning Standards, which are new goals for students that are being used all across the United States. They are a big deal.

According to the principal, the teachers are still thinking about what next year’s focuses should be.

Did you know that K-5 learn the same things each year? Well, they do.

Mrs. Claire Cavalli said that if she does teach fourth grade again next year, she will focus on the same things as this year, but mostly on English language arts because in every subject, reading is essential.

Did you also know that the cute little Kindergartners learn number sense in math? They improve these skills by counting out different objects. 1-2-3-4-5. Go Kindergarten!  They also learn to develop their reading skills, which will be very useful in life. Every student needs to read to move ahead in school.

All students love to get out of school and go on field trips. This year, the fourth grade traveled to Philipsburg Manor to learn things for social studies, and Circuit Circus came to Colonial to put on a show. The fourth grade also went to Carnegie Hall.

The fifth grade went on their annual trip to the Challenger Center in Rockland County where they got to simulate a space mission.

“The fifth grade focuses on poetry and math and also reading,” said Anna Shampanier-Bowen (5H). “We only missed those subjects once!”

It seems that the fifth grade is really devoted to those subjects.

Math and reading will also be a focus next year, due to what Mrs. Wilson said.

Emilia Privat (5V) said that she thinks she will probably learn algebra in the coming middle school years.

Right now, fourth grade is learning about plants and is beginning to learn geometry. In social studies, the fourth graders learned about the industrial revolution. In math, they studied double-digit multiplication and division.

So we hope that all you readers learned something VERY important and inside about Colonial’s coming academic year.

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.