Fifth graders talk about favorite memories of Colonial (from June print newspaper)


The Colonial School class of 2013 “moved up” on June 18.

COLONIAL — At Colonial School, from Kindergarten to fifth grade, the class of 2013 has had many, many memories. Everyone has a favorite.

Some students liked a specific field trip, like Ellis Island, Orchard Beach or the Challenger Center. Ring Homestead also seemed to be very popular among the fifth graders. This was a field trip that had never happened before at Colonial, and it was a team building type of thing.

Other fifth grade students mentioned a fun class project or the Kindergarten buddy program.

There were some very unique memories that only one person talked about.

Rishi Basu (5V) said, “The moment that I finished the black packet of math in second grade. The feeling of accomplishment combined with proudness and excitement entered my body. IT WAS AWESOME!”

Another person who had a unique memory was Brooke Hoeltge (5V). She said, “One time my friend said to me and another friend, ‘Machine gun Dora,’ and we all got in trouble.”

Here are the favorite memories from all the fifth graders who responded to the Colonial Times request:

Fa Carey (5H): “I liked Ellis Island because it was a day of no work and we were on our own.”

Andy Radvany (5V): “When I scored the last minute shot at the Colonial basketball.”

Justin Brown (5H): “Ellis Island.”

Spencer Nappi (5V): “Watching ‘Finding Nemo’ in first grade.”

Lynn Dvorkin (5V): “The invention project because you got to be creative and choose your own project.”

Morgan McLean (5V): “The Brazil powerpoint in third grade because, first of all, we got to go on computers, and second of all, I got to learn about Brazil.”

Callie Leff (5H): “I really liked Kindergarten, second grade, and so far, I’ve liked fifth grade. I had a lot of my friends in those classes.”

Dane Crowley (5V): “I like fifth grade because it’s more fun, and I have a better teacher. It’s easier than fourth grade!”

Emmy Kelly (5V): “My favorite memory is fifth grade because I had a good teacher.”

Alex Nudler (5V): “I really liked Ring Homestead.”

Katie L’Herminier (5H): “My first memory was meeting my teachers Mrs. Gerhardt, Mrs. Adolphus, Mrs. Albano, Mrs. Kagel, Mr. Martucci and Ms. Hattar. They are the best teachers I’ve ever had and the most fun! Another memory I’ve had was meeting all my classmates and getting to know them and making new friends with them. A third memory I had was when we had construction on our school. This was really fun because we got to go to Prospect and work in the auditorium. Then in fourth grade, Mr. Martucci made all of us walk to Double Rainbow and get whatever ice cream we desire. Then in fifth grade, I got my amazing buddy, who I adore, Abby!”

Carly McNamara (5V): “My favorite memory was in fourth grade when I started A.C.E. I knew it was perfect because the kids and I had a special bond.”

Miriam Ciacca (5H): “My favorite grade was fourth grade because everyone was there and it was fun.”

Rory Gerhardt (5V): “My favorite memory was the first day of Kindergarten. I got away from my sister, and a bird flew into the classroom. My other favorite memory is when the buddy program began. I got the best buddy. Laura is sweet and generous.”

Grayce Cooper (5H): “My favorite memory is when I was in second grade and my teacher was Mrs. Cavalli and every Friday she would give out lollipops and Hershey kisses, and one week, she said that I was very respectful, so she gave me two lollipops.”

Guy Eustace (5V): “My favorite memory is Orchard Beach. I was in 2C. It was my favorite field trip and memory because I really like just looking at the beach and dipping my feet in the water.”

Matyas Spunberg (5H): “I liked the  invention project because I got to express my creativity on any invention.”

Rishi Basu (5V): “The moment that I finished the black packet of math in second grade. The feeling of accomplishment combined with proudness and excitement entered my body. IT WAS AWESOME!”

Zoe Anastas(5H): “When I first started Kindergarten.”

Lucas Matos (5V): “First day of school when I was the new kid.”

Nic Shotkoski (5H): “Carnegie Hall.”

Brooke Hoeltge (5V): “One time my friend said to me and another friend, ‘Machine gun Dora,’ and we all got in trouble.”

Alex Michailoff (5H): “My favorite memory is in second grade when we went to Orchard Beach. When we were finding crabs, me and Luke Diffley tipped over a rock and found a giant crab. It was huge!”

Annika Jawanda (5V): “I liked the Kindergarten buddy program because I like helping kids who are still learning.”

Phoebe Rothschild (5H): “The 100th day of school because we got to do so many activities like the Fruitloop necklace.”

Nate Busschaert (5V): “Ring Homestead because it was fun.”

Ella De Young (5V): “My favorite memory would have to be ‘The Nutcracker’ because I love singing and dancing.”

Bridget Petti (5H): “Was when I did cartwheels around the classroom.”

Aidan Czajka (5V): “When Diff and I were pretending to be tigers and he pulled my tooth out.”

Liz Potocki (5H): “My favorite memory was Ring Homestead because it was team building and we needed it.”

Meredith Heller (5V): “When we went to Ellis Island in fourth grade.”

Charlie Pedorella (5H): “My favorite memory at Colonial is the fourth grade. We read lots of fun books together in class. Another reason was that we went on the Ellis Island field trip, and we chose where to go, not the teacher.”

Luke Diffley (5V): “Me and my friend had a war game where we had imaginary troops.”

Josh Miller (5H): “The Challenger because it was fun.”

Ryan Chang (5V): “When I won the NY State Chess tournament.”

Eddie Dunhill (5H): “‘Chester the Chest’ in first grade.”

Emma Russello (5V): “Meeting Lily.”

Anna Shampanier-Bowen (5H): “My favorite grade is Kindergarten because Ms. McCarthy was really nice, and she would always let us dance to her ringtone.”

Lily Childs (5V): “Ring Homestead. I liked the activities.”

Julia Rosenberg (5V): “My favorite is the Challenger.”

Matthew Meyer (5H): “My favorite memory at Colonial is in second grade when we built our town out of Legos.”

Charlotte Howard (5V): “Probably the Challenger or Ring Homestead.”

Morgan Orlando (5H): “My favorite memory is when, I think, Anna, Carly and someone else and I were doing freetime in Mrs. Hendrie’s class and Frank the former custodian used his time to help us and then we finished the hardest puzzle.”

Emilia Privat (5V): “The recycle raceway because we got to express our ideas by making a mini-car. Also it was a fun way to learn about ramps and stuff like that.”

Brianna Vinci (5H): “I liked the invention project because it lets you work with your partner, and it lets you create your own idea.”

Ani Feinberg (5H): “I like the recycle raceway and the Invention Convention because they were really creative projects. It’s not like writing an essay. It’s really fun!”

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.