Student newspaper staffers from Pelham schools report on what they do to board of ed

Colonial Times editors presented to the Pelham School Board.


Jamie Burke

Staff members and the advisor to the Siwanoy Spotlight spoke to the board of education.

PMHS — The Pelham School Board meeting Monday started with the pledge of allegiance. After that, Superintendent Peter Giarrizzo commented on all the newspaper programs in the schools and then introduced the Colonial Times first.

He let the Colonial Times editors present their website and print paper, then all the other elementary school papers, the Pelham Post from the middle school and the Pel Mel from the high school.

During his introduction, Mr. Giarrizzo said, “The most hard hitting interview I received when I was elected superintendent was from the Colonial Times.”

Staff and advisors also presented from the Siwanoy Spotlight, the Lion Times (a new name this year) from Prospect Hill and the Hutchinson Bear. Each paper received a certificate of excellence.

“I enjoy interviewing others,” said Ella Burns, a reporter from the Hutchinson Bear. She said she would like to write more “group stories.”

The Pelham Middle School paper is meant to be “from students to students,” said an editor.

Ms. Lisa Buzin, the advisor for the Hutchinson Bear, said, “I like hearing students’ opinions and helping them to become journalists.”