Kids talk about making resolutions and staying up for New Year’s to see ball drop


PELHAM — It is a tradition at New Year’s to make some resolutions, with people saying what they want to improve on, work on or do in the new year. It’s time to start again.

Lets see what some people say their resolutions are:

  • Ian Urquhart (3K): “I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions.”
  • Katie Bratone (3L): “My resolution this year is to be nicer to my sister.”
  • Emma Colkin (5H): “My resolution this year is to be more organized.”
  • Mrs. Joanne Lombardi, third grade teacher: “My resolution is to make sure that I exercise three or more times a week.”
  • Dr.  Paul Farrell, school psychologist: “I usually make resolutions more upcoming to the holiday.”

Several students were interviewed about whether they usually stay up until midnight to see the ball drop.

  • Paige Felgner (4H): “Not really, and I can’t do it this year because I’m going on a skiing trip.”
  • Nicholas Sarcinella (4H): “Yes, because I like to celebrate the New Year.”
  • Tisya Sharma (4M): “Yes, I do.”
  • Bennet Wies (2D): “Yes, because it is fun.”

Lots of kids end up staying up until midnight. One of your correspondents stayed up last year, and it was fun to celebrate in a different way.

Overall, resolutions are important to some kids and teachers, and some don’t take them as a tradition. It is ok if you don’t make resolutions, though. But you should always find a good way to celebrate the New Year. That is a tradition no one should miss.