What are the new trends at Colonial? (from March print newspaper)


COLONIAL SCHOOL — There have been many fads in the past years like Gogos and Sillybands, but that was in the past, and there are tons of new trends to come.

Fads go in and out, so who knows how long the trends of 2013-2014 will last? They varied from Zelfs to Rainbow Loom–a big one for the younger students this year. People also mentioned video games a lot. We interviewed all the grades going from the smallest to the top. Here are some of the the top trends at Colonial School for 2014.

The trends from Kindergarten ranged from those Rainbow Loom to Flippies.

Lucy Cole (KM) said, “I like going to Build-a-Bear, and I like Flippies.”

Heather Reische (KM) said, “Lots of girls like to draw at choice time. We also really like boys. Also, a lot of girls play with blocks.”

For boys, things were about the same, with Rainbow Loom and Flippies getting mentions.

Gavin Brown (KH) confirmed, “I like Rainbow Loom and Flippies.”

For first grade, the fads ranged from sports to those Rainbow Looms.

“Gymnastics are really popular for the girls,” said Waverly Nanda (1A).

Peyton Kerr (1C) said, “I like making friendship bracelets, Legos and making Rainbow Loom.”

Ben Martucci (1C) said, “We probably still like Rainbow Loom, and the boys like playing with blocks.”

“For the girls, Rainbow Loom is really popular,” said Sabine Bushong (1C).

Interests varied from Duct Tape and hand games for girls to sports and Legos for boys in the second grade.

“The girls like Duct Tape and a hand game called avocado,” said Emily Rackley (2D).

“The boys like sports and building with Legos,” said Will Felgner (2C).

Laura Shelton (2C) said, “Almost all the girls in my grade like Duct Tape. A lot of girls at recess like making fortune tellers. They always say we’ll be famous.”

The trends for third grade included Zelfs, PE, and yes, the wonderful Rainbow Loom.

Larisa Breskin (3L): “A lot of girls do Rainbow Loom and Zelfs, which are pencil toppers and you can style their hair.”

Sarah Tapogna (3K): “The girls like Zelfs, which are elfs/zombies you can style their hair. We also like Rainbow Loom.”

“For the boys, it’s Minecraft,” said Lauren Varino (3K). “It’s so annoying. They talk about it all the time. The girls like saving animals by drawing little sheep. (I don’t know why.) We also made up the sticker touch. It’s where you try to put Ninjago stickers on peoples’ backs without them noticing.”‘

Tommy Cole (3L): “The boys like gym because sports are really popular and fun.”

The fourth graders have moved to video games and new movie releases. They were also into origami and sports.

Charlie Parent (4G) said the boys like video games, sports and origami because they are really fun to do.

Jack Meyer (4G) explained, “We used to like Rainbow Loom, but it’s a fad now. We like video games where you kill people like Call of Duty, also sledding at Mount Tom during the winter.”

Charlotte Nanda (4M) said basketball is really popular as are new movie releases like “Frozen.”

“In the boys section, sports, Rainbow Loom and video games are very popular because they are very fun to do,” said Jack Tirsch (4M).

Fifth grade has changed Colonial because Rainbow Loom is not very popular with the oldest kids any longer. But what was the trend? It was a mystery. So here’s the fifth grade gossip your reporters learned:

Olivia Fenwick (5H): “Games at recess are popular like four square. There are also popular book/movie series like ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Percy Jackson.’ ‘Glee’ is also popular among the girls.”

Nathaniel Hetzer (5H): “Games at recess like watermelon, four square and kickball are popular. We also like talking in groups of people.”

Natalia Cherner (5V): “For girls, what’s popular is movies that are coming out, and a lot of people like doing the ‘Hunger Games’ and Harry Potter for their Critic’s Corner.”

As your reporters went throughout the halls of Colonial School, they even got exclusive interviews with Robbie Hernandez and Richie Sowin (3-5L). Their trends ranged from near to far. They started at LEGOs and stretched all the way to old movies.

Robbie said, “I enjoy ‘The Cat In the Hat,’ playing with LEGOs, watching old movies (1900s) and the show ‘The Annoying Orange.'”

Richie added, “I like going on field trips, playing video games with Robbie, the movie ‘Happy Gilmore,’ the TV programs on the Cartoon Network, Nick and Boomerang. I like the sport track and field. I also like the sport boxing.”

Your reporters even got an exclusive interview with a former Colonial student who is now in college, Serena Veith. What were the trends when she was at Colonial? “We loved Adidas shoes, gel pens and squishy yo-yos.”

This story appeared in the March print edition of the Colonial Times.