Fifth graders to learn how Constitution works (from March print newspaper)


5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS — Constitution Works, a program that teaches kids aged five to 12 about the U.S. Constitution, will be taught to fifth graders at Colonial School for the first time this spring.

Mrs. Piera Hattar, who teaches 5H, thought of the idea to bring the program to Colonial. She learned about it teaching in the city and applied for a grant from the Pelham Education Foundation.

“I found out about Constitution Works from prior teaching,” said Mrs. Hattar. “The kids loved the program and learned a lot, so I thought that we should do it here too.”

Mr Ventura, another fifth grade teacher, said, “The point of Constitution Works is to give students an authentic experience arguing for or against the First Amendment.”

As a sort of a finale for the program, the fifth graders are going to be bused to a courthouse in Brooklyn to present their cases.

Haley Wall (5S) said she was “looking forward to it.” She said it will be fun, but not better than the Invention Convention. She would want the project to continue next year.

Natasha Sarcinella (5S) is not a huge supporter of the program.  “I think that it is going to be really boring, but presenting our case may be fun,” she told the Colonial Times.

Noah Breskin (5S) is really interested in Constitution Works. He said, “I can’t wait to go to Brooklyn to present our case.”

This story appeared in the March print edition of the Colonial Times.