Kids (were) angry about lots of indoor recess (from March print newspaper)


Lila Caminiti

Kids happy to be back at outdoor recess.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — As Mrs. Wilson’s voice filled the school, the kids sighed.  ANOTHER day of indoor recess.

Kids listen to the PA system to see where they’re going. 2014 has been a cold winter, and it has brought lots of indoor recess with it. Snow and weather far below freezing are the main causes.

“I hate being trapped indoors,” said Cece Caldwell (5H). “I definitely prefer outdoor recess.”

Lots of kids agreed with this. Era Inglis-Nela (KH) said, “Indoor recess is boring. I like outdoor. I usually run around and play games.”

Maggie Memoli, also KH, said, “I like the movie room. I prefer outdoor recess, though.”

When they’re indoors, most kids like the movie room and the computer lab best.

Felix Caminiti (1A) said he “kind of likes indoor recess but has more fun outside.”

Carlo Cipolla (1A) agreed. “Indoor recess is okay, I guess,” he said. “But I still sometimes feel sad at indoor recess. Sometimes I don’t like the movie we watch in the movie room.”

The point of the movie room is to get all of one grade peacefully watching a movie on the SMART Board in either Mr. Ronald Martucci’s room or the library.  The objective of the reading room is for kids to play games, read or draw together. The computer lab is for kids in pairs playing games together, peacefully. Sometimes things don’t work out, though. Sometimes the library is busy.

Some kids sit in the halls and draw or talk.

Angela McCook, class 1A, is excited for the warm weather because she can finally have outdoor recess. Angela said, “I don’t like indoor recess because I can’t run inside.”

But the cold weather may not stop. Punxsutawney Phil, the weather groundhog, predicted a long winter. So if Phil is correct, be expecting more indoor recess.

Kyra Findikyan (1A) said,”I think it’s good that we’re inside sometimes, so we don’t get frostbite or a cold or anything.”

Not a lot of kids agree with her.  They just want to get back outside.

This story appeared in the March print edition of the Colonial Times.