Colonial’s computers upgraded to new operating system (from March print newspaper)

COLONIAL SCHOOL — All of Colonial School’s laptops and computers have been upgraded to the Microsoft Windows 7 system and new software was added.

Upgrading the school’s computers can be an advantage and disadvantage. Many people both like it and dislike it. The difference is that previously the computers  didn’t have Google Chrome, Microsoft Excel, Castle Learning and Library World. Also Windows 7 is supposed to be faster, but sometimes it isn’t.

Here are some opinions from people who like and dislike the change.

Finn Cork (5V) doesn’t like the upgrade “because, you know, how the student background is. And also it says welcome for three seconds on the old computer but it takes so long to log on now. These computers don’t just take you to Net Tracker. They take you to something else.”

Hunter Fleming, also 5V, said, “I don’t really like (the new system) because I think the background is so ugly. But I do like how they’ve added Google Chrome to all the laptops and computers.”

Marco Gracie (5S) said, “They’re better but the Internet isn’t good. It’s like the same system as the other one but a different monitor and Internet. I like the Windows 7 better than” the previous system.

Ms. Diana Spadaro, a fifth grader teacher, said, “I don’t like the change. The other computers were faster even though these computers are supposed to be faster.”

Robert Bischof (5H) said, “I’m fine with the Windows 7, but it is not that different than Windows 1 or 8.”

Colonial students have mixed feelings about the change, with more people unhappy than happy.