Mrs. Wilson, faculty teach kids how not to be bullies (from March print newspaper)

Stop and read about how Colonial School is going to be a bully-free school.

Mrs. Tonya Wilson, the principal, has many new ways to stop bullying when it’s happening and help students have healthy friendships.

“The student government has a club to stop bullying, and they are working on a project to stop bullying,” said Mrs. Wilson in an interview with the Colonial Times. “They have a Powerpoint that they plan to share with all grades about how to stop bullying and how to avoid it.”

“Also teachers are going to talk to classes about how to avoid bullying,” she said. “Student government is going to put signs on the walls that say things like: ‘Don’t Bully!’ or ‘Be a Friend!'”

Bullying is a problem all students are trying to deal with from elementary school up to high school so that kids learn how to handle the bad behavior and how not to be a bully.

Another question these reporters asked Mrs. Wilson was, “Do you think that Dr. Farrell’s talk to the fifth grade will have an affect?”

Mrs. Wilson said “definitely” of the talks by Dr. Paul Farrell, who is the school psychologist. One way Mrs. Wilson would like to improve how kids act so bullying is reduced is “to develop healthy friendships for students and have students treat each other well.”

Jacob Hartmere (5S) said he thought that Dr. Farrell’s talks on bullying “definitely help” the students handle the problem.

Olivia Fenwick told the Colonial Times that she has a feeling the talks will help.

Catie Samaan (3L) said, “I haven’t been bullied much. I think bullying is not cool.”

Allie Carney said, “No, I haven’t been bullied, and I think it’s wrong and abusive. If I were being bullied, I would go to an adult.”

Kira Findikyan (1A) said, “It’s really bad and it hurts people’s feelings.

Will Felgner said two boys teased him and it “made me feel uncomfortable.” He also said “it’s horrible and no one should do it.”

Mrs. Wilson and Colonial’s teachers are working so students can understand that bullying is wrong and can really hurt people. Imagine what it would be like if you were being bullied and how it would make you feel.

This story appeared in the March print edition of the Colonial Times.