S.T.E.M. takes over school with science, technology, enginneering and math


COLONIAL SCHOOL — The school went crazy on May 29 with four subjects—science, technology, engineering and math.

Teachers and parents came in and taught about one of those subjects. All day, the students went from room to room learning about one of the four subjects. Some speakers talked about tunnels, some talked about architecture and some talked about robotics, On the math subject, volunteers from the MoMath (the Museum of Math) came in and brought equipment to teach the kids about mathematics.

“My favorite thing during the day was the math station in the gym,” said Tisya Sharma (4M). “I really liked the monkey part of it because I liked how you got to make any patterns you wanted.”

For technology, a parent volunteer and the Pelham Picture House came in. The parent volunteer pulled up a website and showed the kids how to use code. The Picture House representatives demonstrated stop-motion animation. A couple of kids got to go up and make an animation.

One Colonial parent talked about architecture because she is an architect herself. Another came in to talk about the longest tunnel in the world. Another came in and described the process of hand-painted wallpapers.

For science, the Colonial students heard from kids and adults. The kids were the robotics clubs from the middle and high school. They showed their robot creations. A parent came in and spoke about astronomy. The person brought in telescopes and talked about constellations.