Were the state math and ELA tests fair this year? (year-end print edition)

COLONIAL SCHOOL —  Students believe the New York State tests in English language arts and math this year were on their level. A lot of students thought that their teachers prepared them well enough, although there were a few people who were scared they wouldn’t know some answers  on the tests.

Molly Bidwell (3L) wasn’t concerned about the tests “because my teacher prepared enough.”

However, Alessio Johnson (3L) said, “I felt pressured because I didn’t know what the questions (were that they) were asking, and I couldn’t ask my teacher.”

Most teachers thought the tests were good for the students. Their students had the same reaction to the exams.

“The students said that the math test was fair,” said Mr. Alexander Ventura, a fifth grade teacher. “Part one and two were good but part three was a little more challenging.”

It seems to be the tests were fairly put together for most students. Teachers think the same. Students said the teachers are doing their job right in getting kids ready for the tests.

Mr. Ronald Martucci, a fourth grade teacher, said, “Yes, both the math and ELA tests were fair, with some challenging parts, but the students are good readers and writers and did a good job.”

“I don’t think that the tests interfered with the teachers’ schedules, because it only takes up about five days of the school year and it isn’t our choice, it’s the state’s choice.” said Mrs. Tonya Wilson, the principal.

Both the ELA and math tests have three parts to them.

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.