Instagram social app popular among upper grades (year-end print edition)

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Do you have friends who are far away and you can’t keep in touch with them? If so, then you might want to consider using Instagram. Instagram is a smartphone social app that lets you keep your friends updated by just posting pictures. It’s certainly become the trend among many fifth graders.

“I like to share photos of recent things we have done, and I like sharing them all in one place,” said Emmett Doyle (5H).

“Some of the posts are funny, and you get to chat with your friends,” said Matthew Alexander (5S).

“I use it to keep in touch with my friends from New York City,” said Margot Wies (5H).

Even though social media can be fun, students also have to know how to stay safe while using it. In an interview with the Colonial Times, Michael Tromblee, director of technology for the school district, gave pointers on how to be safe on social media.

“There are lots of dangers on social media, but I don’t want kids to think there are only dangers,” Mr. Tromblee said. “A lot of times, it is like interacting in real life. When you are with a friend, there is usually someone there to watch you. But on social media, there is no one there to watch what you are seeing and saying.”

When asked if there should be an age restriction for social media, he said, “That would depend. If it were my kids, I would talk with them about why they want to do with it, who will be responsible for bad things they do. I would set ground rules. I might have one young son who is very responsible. And then I might have an older one who is not very responsible.”

Some of the fourth graders have already started to catch on with the new trend.

“I like goofing around on Instagram and making dumb videos,” said Shep Solimine (4H).

“It’s fun because you can keep your friends updated without actually physically talking to them,” said Ella Miller (4H).

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.