Kindergartners learn from their fifth grade buddies (year-end print edition)


COLONIAL SCHOOL — All fifth graders have Kindergarten buddies they play with at recess. It’s a tradition at the school.

This year, the fifth graders and the Kindergartners enjoyed playing with each other. Some fifth graders even played with Kindergartners that aren’t their buddies; they were really close. You are probably wondering, “What is so fun about playing with some kids that aren’t in your grade?”

In the beginning of the year, the fifth grade students did not know the Kindergartners very well and did not play with them very much. But later in the year, they understood them better and they found it was are super fun to play with them on the playground during recess.

Noah Breskin’s (5S) buddy is Luke Dolan (KM). “I do play with him a lot,” Noah told the Colonial Times in an interview. “When we play together, we play kickball, but when we don’t play together, I still play kickball.”

Kellen O’Neill’s (KH) buddy is Tommy Fontanella (5H). “When we play together, we play ball tag, but when we don’t, I play with Logan, Jack, Maggie, and/or Era,” said Kellen.

The Kindergartners have to rely on their buddies for many things. For example, they learn how to be safe, deal with bullies, what the rules of the playground and recess are, and to understand what and what not to do in big situations. At the same time, the older kids learn things from the Kindergartners. Did you know that you can make a volcano out of wood chips?

Grace Radonis (5H) said that she sometimes plays with her buddy, Lily Reid (KH). When she does play with her buddy, they play tag and they draw.

Cece Caldwell (5H) said, “I don’t really play with my buddy anymore. I just play with my friends and their buddies.”

That is what a lot of kindergartens and fifth graders were doing at the end of the year. Some Kindergartners also play with other buddies too.

Some fifth graders were not playing with their buddies as the school year came to a close. Some just ignored their buddies. This could be a good thing, since it allows the Kindergartners to make and play with new friends.

Some Kindergartners get attached to their fifth grade buddies, and they don’t know what to do when their buddies are absent or busy doing something else. This might be a problem because next year, when the fifth graders turn into sixth graders and the Kindergartners turn into first graders, the younger kids won’t have the option to play with their former buddies during recess. They’ll have to make new friends in first grade when they could have done that in Kindergarten.

Mrs. Tonya Wilson, the principal of Colonial School, told the Colonial Times, “Kindergarten buddies have been here for a very long time, and it has been a Colonial tradition since even before Dr. Rothstein was principal.”

She also said some 0f the benefits of Kindergarten buddies are that the fifth graders teach the Kindergartners how to play safe on the equipment and what the rules are. Having Kindergarten buddies is also a fun program because the Kindergartners like to play with the older kids.

In conclusion, the Kindergarten buddy program has been a success for many years.