Mrs. Wilson talks about year’s big events, what’s coming next (year-end print edition)

By Georgia Russello and Charlotte Nanda

THE OFFICE — Principal Tonya Wilson is getting ready for next year after a 2013-2014 school year that was packed with big events.

Mrs. Wilson talked to the Colonial Times about how this year went and how next year will go. There will be lots of fun stuff planned for next year, but no one knows exactly what yet.

“We are still thinking about next year,” said Mrs. Wilson in an interview with the Colonial Times. “I have to meet with faculty and staff to decide next year’s goals.”

As for the year ending, she said, “This year was very fun. We had S.T.E.M. day, which is science, technology, engineering and math; Jonathan Kruk (who came to tell the fourth grade story’s about the Revolutionary War in full costume), cultural arts stuff, newspaper, Walk for Love, U.S. Constitution Works and the class picnics.” There will also be the fifth grade moving-up ceremony on Thursday, which is where the fifth grade receives diplomas and officially graduates from Colonial School.”

Olivia Fenwick (5H) agreed Constitution Works was a highlight because “Constitution Works is to help us learn about the law.”

Mrs. Wilson said that next year ”I want to create a whole-school peer buddy system” to help make new kids feel more welcome. Also she wants the fifth grade buddied with the kindergarten, first with second, and third with fourth.

Over the summer, Mrs.Wilson said she has goals for all students. “I want the students to read, have a good time and learn something new over the summer.”

Fifth grader Ava Shotkoski (5V) said, “I don’t think you should not read and definitely not learn but I think you should have fun.”

Kate Smith (5v) said, “I think there is no reason to read, but learning something new is a good idea and having fun is what summer is all about.”

Jackson Sylver (5V) said, “I kind of think it’s ok to learn something and to read, but not all the time.”