Live blogging at Colonial School picnic 2014

The newspaper staff is currently at the Colonial back-to-school picnic at Prospect Hill School live blogging everything that’s happening. We will be updating often, so keep refreshing the page to keep up!

7:11 pm — Colonial parent Shannon Moraes said, “The picnic is a pretty big success. Everyone is having a good time and the food is pretty good.”

6:56 pm — Mr. Cole said his favorite part of the picnic was “watching kids have fun.” He also said that he likes the music. “I’m having barrels of fun.”

6:47 pm — “I really like how I can be creative, and it’s a lot of fun,” said Halle Tirsch, one of the face painters. “My favorite designs are the butterflies. This is not my first time doing face painting so I have some experience. I love how you don’t have to just stick to the basics. You can go outside the box.”

6:43 pm –“My favorite thing about the picnic is the bouncy castle cause the obstacles are fun,” said Marcello Pegoraro.

6:32 pm — “My favorite thing is the bouncy castle,” said Kellen O’Neill.
Kira Findikyan said, “The bouncy castle is my favorite.”
Aine Proffitt liked “the bouncy castle.”
Ron Martucci, a teacher, liked “the food.”

6:24 pm — “Yes, I like doing this,” said picnic DJ Owen Saunders. “I do this when I can. I do this all myself.”

6:11 pm — “I think the picnic gets better every year. There was also great weather this year, and it looks like everyone is having fun,” Mrs. Wilson said.
“Every one is having fun and the weather is perfect,” said Mrs. McCarthy. “It is so nice to see my students this year year and my former students.”

5:58 pm — Some kids loved the food.
“I liked the cheesy pasta the best because it tastes like it has a secret ingredient in it,” said Rowan Proffitt.
“The pasta is good because the sauce is good and I like pasta,” said Ben Busschaert.
“I like the green beans the most. I don’t know why, I just naturally love veggies!” Isabella Cipola exclaimed.

5:48 pm — Some of the food at the picnic included hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pasta (butter and vodka), chicken, chips, brownies, cookies, doughnuts and Rice Krispy treats. Chef Paul McKenna from B&B said, “It’s not hard if you love what your doing.”

Contributing to this live blog were Paige Felgner, Ella Miller, Tisya Sharma, Charlotte Nanda, Georgia Russello, Kate Girolamo, Eileen Mazzaro, Caroline Michailoff and Eleanor Moreas.