Student government candidates talk about stress and speeches

COLONIAL LIBRARY — The candidate election for fifth grade Student Government representative was tough this year. There were about 18 candidates for six positions and that made for a lot of competition.

Speeches were important in the elections this year.

“The election was very nerve racking,” said Eileen Mazzaro, a winning candidate. “I thought I would lose because one of the other candidates was a boy, so all the boys would vote for him. When I heard all the other speeches and presented mine, I was very confident I would win because I thought I had the best speech. And after a bit, I learned that other people in my class thought that too.”

Ava Pedorella, a candidate who didn’t win, said, “It was so stressing to run. At the day of the election, I didn’t have a speech. I forgot to write it. It wasn’t very sad when I lost because I knew someone better would win. So it was stressing until the end.”

Many candidates were happy that they tried. And that’s politics people.