Bash the Trash: Fifth graders are busy collecting info and sorting lunch garbage

COLONIAL CAFETERIA — As the fifth graders started sorting the trash in the lunchroom, the Bash the Trash program became real for all the students.

At first on Jan. 28, fifth graders started by collecting information on trash, if kids had plastic containers or Ziploc bags, etc. They then moved on to sorting trash into certain bins for trash, liquids, compost, commingled, juice pouches and more.

I find Bash the Trash really disgusting. It’s weird that the fifth graders are touching my trash.”

— Will Dunhill

Bash the Trash is a program about trying to achieve a litter-less lunch every day. Many people have varied opinions on this new program and addition to the lunchroom.

“I really like working with the kids,” said Amelie L’Henaff  (5V). “I kind of think it’s gross and cool reaching into trash and sorting it. But you have gloves so it is not that bad.”

Laura Shelton (3A) said, “I really like animals and don’t want them to die because of trash.”

“I find Bash the Trash really disgusting,” said Will Dunhill (2D). “It’s weird that the fifth graders are touching my trash.”

“I like that we’re helping to stop pollution, but it’s gross reaching into trash even if you have gloves,” said Sam Long (5H).