Some students see benefit from Bash the Trash garbage reduction project


Emma Van Praagh

Colonial Times file photo

COLONIAL CAFETERIA — Bash the Trash ended on Feb. 6, though a number of Colonial students continue to bash the trash (that is, sort it).

Some say sorting and reducing trash was a good idea, while others are happy that Bash the Trash ended.

“It’s good that (the 5th graders) did it to help (Colonial) cut down on trash,” said Erik Roksvold (5H). “I kind of miss Bash the Trash.”

“I felt like it was hard to sort the trash, but it’s good for the school to produce less garbage,” said Rowan Proffit (5V). “I don’t miss Bash the Trash though.”

Bash the Trash did have an impact on lunchtime at Colonial.

“Since Bash the Trash ended, people have still been bringing in less trash,” said Scarlett Bratone (4Ga).

“I feel that we should keep cutting down trash, so the world can be less of a dump,” said Xavier Leveille (2D).

However, not everyone loved the way the project worked.

“I feel great that Bash the Trash is over, because it’s weird when someone touches your food,” said Peyton Kerr (2D).