Four kids from fifth grade experience being in huge All County Chorus


From left, Ava Pedorella, Malia McLellan and Emma Spencer sang in the All County Chorus, along with Austin Kelly (not pictured).

PURCHASE – Four children from the fifth grade experienced being in a professional chorus. The Colonial students who sang in the All County
Chorus were Austin Kelly (5V), Ava Pedorella (5M), Emma Spencer (5V) and me (5M).

It was a lot of fun being with people who actually want to be there and want to work hard. Also, it was so much fun to have a professional conductor teach us. That makes it different than school chorus.

My favorite songs out of all of them were “Windy Nights” and “Tecolote.” “Windy Nights” is very mysterious and has a fast tempo. “Tecolote” is a song sung in Spanish and means Little Owl.

The dress code was very strict. You had to have black shoes, and if you didn’t, you had to go on stage barefoot. You needed to wear black pants or a skirt but the skirt needed to be the length of your fingertips with your hands at your side. Lastly you had have a white top.

Overall it was a fun experience to meet new friends and see what it is like to be in a professional chorus.

“I think All County Chorus was a really fun experience because you get to meet new people, and I get to do what I love, sing,” said Ava Pedorella (5M). “I would definitely recommend All County Chorus if their passion is to sing and if they want to experience it with a professional chorus.”

Austin Kelly (5V) said, “Overall, I liked All County Chorus. I liked performing, but I didn’t like the practices. How they changed things at the last minute was annoying. But I still liked it. I would definitely recommend All County Chorus to someone who enjoys singing.”

“I think All County Chorus was a fun experience because I love singing, and I got to meet new friends as well as hang out with mine,” said Emma Spencer (5V). “I liked the practices because we got to work with the conductor on how to master the song.” 

We all enjoyed All County Chorus, and I encourage the current fourth graders to audition if they like to sing.