Spring break is coming and plans range far, wide and right at home

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Spring break is on its way. Some families are traveling the world, and others are relaxing at home.

“I’m going to the Hamptons and going to the beach,” said Reese McLean (4GA).

Daniel O’Keefe (4GA) said, “I’m going to Washington, D.C., to see the House of Representatives and see the Washington Monument.”

Grace Colkin (4GE) said, “I’m going to see my cousins in Patterson in upstate New York. We are going to have a scavenger hunt and do different things to get places.”

While some people are traveling around, others are staying home.

“I’m staying home and not doing anything,” said Katie Bratone (4GE).

“I’m staying home and revising my manuscript,” said Mr. Z.