Print edition: Fifth graders look back on great years in elementary school

COLONIAL SCHOOL – Students in the class of 2015 have lots of awesome memories.

Their memories range from the Ellis Island trip that they took in fourth grade to the welcome back picnic that happens annually.

Some students even had more than one great memory to share.

“Mrs. Hattar! I love her,” said Eileen Mazzaro (5H). “Orchard Beach when people’s shoes fell off. Ring Homestead was fun when Mrs. Hattar went on the zip-line. And when 5H won Pennies For Patients, we were screaming really loud.”

Here are the fifth graders’ favorite memories from their years in Colonial:

Sam Long (5H): ” My favorite memory is when we went to Ring Homestead.”

Paige Felgner (5V): “My favorite memory from all my Colonial years is the fourth grade welcome-back-to-school party.”

Shep Solimine (5M): “The first week of school. This is my favorite memory because I met so many friends that week. On the third day, I met two of my best friends, Sam and Zach Long.”

Kathryn Alexander (5H): “Yelling The Three Musketeers rules at recess in Kindergarten.”

Anya Fox (5V): “When we went to Ring Homestead. My favorite part was when Mr. Martucci did the Spider-Man move.”

Amelie L’Henaff (5V): “The spring concert in fifth grade…We were singing the last verse, and Mrs. Brinkman noticed that she didn’t make a card for it and made a funny face. When I saw her face, I smiled and let out a little giggle.”

Jack Meyer (5H): “When my class in second grade went to Orchard Beach.”

Charlie Parent (5M): “The Challenger Center because you get a simulation of launching a rocket, and you also learn great teamwork.”

James Halvorson (5V): “The 100th Day of School in Kindergarten. I loved this because I was with my friends from other classes, and we got to make a necklace with 100 Fruit Loops in it.”

Julia Wall (5H): “Getting Mrs. Hattar as a fifth grade teacher. Mrs. Hattar is the best teacher EVER!”

Dean Shannon (5M): “The Challenger Center because it was a real-feeling experience that tested everyone’s mental capabilities.”

Kyle Skop (5M): “In fifth grade, when we went on a field trip to Ring Homestead. That was my favorite memory because we did a lot of fun things like zip lining.”

Tyler Chang (5V): “In Kindergarten on the 100th Day of School. We made so many fun things.”

Maya Spunberg (5H): “My favorite memory from all my years in Colonial is when my class won Pennies for Patients this year.”

Ella Miller (5V): “In fourth grade when it was the lip sync concert. We did the song ‘Me and My Girls’ performing a dance to go with it.”

Sean Diaz McCarthy (5M): “The first S.T.E.M. day. It was so fun when kids from the high school came.”

Jack Tirsch (5H): “My first day of Kindergarten at Colonial School.”

Emma Spencer (5V): “The fourth grade back-to-school picnic because I was always with my friends, and it was fun hanging out with them.”

Greta Fear (5M): “When my little brother Luke came to Colonial. Now that I was in fifth grade, I could show him all the fun of Colonial School.”

Olin Banholzer (5H): “In second grade when we went to Orchard Beach and an animal sprayed me in the face with water and I got wet.”

Viviane Privat (5V): “Playing outside. For example, tag games with friends, scoring goals in soccer and playing with my buddy Shylah.”

Kate Girolamo (5M): “If I had to choose one which I would do, then it would be in fourth grade when we took the trip to Ellis Island. Not only was the event fun, but the journey was spectacular.”

James Findikyan (5H): “Going to Ring Homestead. I liked it there because there was lots of climbing involved.”

Sofia Carmona (5V): “The first day of school in fifth grade. My first teacher at Colonial is Mr. Ventura. He was very nice to me and showed me what to do and where to go.”

Ally Hart (5H): “In third grade when I got to take home the bears in Mrs. Lombardi’s class.”

Theo Massie-Vereker (5V): “When we went to Ring Homestead, and we got to go on the zip-lines and climb on ropes.”

Andrew Kelly (5M): “The third grade Brazil project. I did the history of Brazil, and I learned a lot about Brazil’s history.”

Erik Roksvold (5H): “Going on the zip-line in Ring Homestead.”

Henry Smith (5V): “In first grade. This memory helped me over the five years left at Colonial. I was one of the first picked for soccer.”

Cate McLean (5M): “A project in fifth grade called Top Chef. We had to pick a food from our culture and make that food.”

Luigi Pegoraro (5H): “When we went on a field trip to Orchard Beach.”

Josh Handelman (5V): “When I was in Kindergarten, and I shot a basketball and scored.”

Malia McLellan (5M): “The Challenger Center. It was really fun to act like we were actually on a mission in space. Another one of my favorite memories was in third grade in Mrs. Lombardi’s class. We used to play a game named Skunk. We roll a dice and stay in the game or get out.”

Holly Tsang (5H): “Going to the Maritime Aquarium.”

Everett Banholzer (5V): “Going on field trips. My favorite field trip was Ring Homestead.”

Charlotte Nanda (5M): “Going to Ellis Island.”

Eleanor Moraes (5H): “I liked the field trip to Ellis Island in fourth grade and the trip to the aquarium in third because we learned a lot during them, plus they were really fun.”

Rowan Proffitt (5V): “Probably the lip-syncing contest in fourth grade. While having fun doing this, you’re also bonding with your friends.”

Ava Pedorella (5M): “Ring Homestead. This is because all of the fifth grade classes from Colonial got together and worked in different groups as a team.”

Isabella Cipolla (5H): “The aquarium trip I took in the second grade in Mrs. Cavalli’s class.”

Austin Kelly (5V): “Going to Orchard Beach in second grade and finding all these cool animals and collecting them.”

Luke Quartararo (5M): “When I first came to Colonial in first grade. The reason I picked this is because I met a lot of friends, nice teachers and they were all nice to me.”

Jackson Shampanier-Bowen (5H): “The Orchard Beach trip.”

Thomas Shelton (5V): “The field trip we took in first grade where we got to make apple juice by crushing apples in a big machine.”

Irina Farrell (5M): “Technology day where you can bring in electronics such as iPods and iPads.”

Ian Foster (5H): “Having Mrs. Hattar as a teacher.”

Ben Busschaert (5M): “Invention Convention because we needed to use teamwork. I learned a tremendous amount of things.”

Hugh McConville (5H): “The Christmas party/game day, and my favorite teacher is Mrs. Hattar.”

Ben Rosenberg (5M): “My first day of Kindergarten because it was really fun. Also I had the best teacher. She was so nice, and she made my first year of school in Colonial super fun.”

Anya Fox (5V): “We went to Ring Homestead. My favorite part was when Mr. Martucci did the Spider-Man move.”

Isaac Leff (5H): “Going to Ring Homestead because I had a lot of fun trying to accomplish the obstacle courses.”

Tisya Sharma (5V): “When I played 24 in the hallway with my friends because we all had a very fun time… I think.”

Nicholas Sarcinella (5M): “Getting a Kindergarten buddy. When I got my buddy, I knew it would be fun. It shows you responsibility, and it warms you up for being a parent.”

Arden Gerhardt (5H): “The first day of school because I made a lot of friends and it was super fun.”

Reef Bober (5V): “In third grade, at the last second, days we did extra recess for the whole day.”

Georgia Russello (5M): “Some of my favorite Colonial School memories from all my years are the Challenger, Mr. Martucci and being a Kindergarten buddy. My favorite part of the Challenger was getting to see what it was like to fly in a spacecraft and helping lead the mission. I liked being a Kindergarten buddy because my buddy, Nathalie, was so sweet and nice. Also it teaches you how to be a role model because your buddies follow your example. Lastly, I loved having Mr. Martucci as a teacher because he is so nice and makes every day of learning fun.”

Caroline Michailoff (5V): “Going to the Challenger Center. I loved going on the ‘spacecraft’ and getting to test people. I like working with my friends and getting to know what it feels like to go into space. I loved all my years at Colonial but I really like this memory.”