Print edition: New pet fish Riptide swims into Colonial School

COLONIAL SCHOOL — New pet fish Riptide has joined the Colonial School community.

First, students voted on names and gave input on which names to choose and that they liked the most. Once the school had decided on a name, the classes kept the fish Riptide in their classrooms for a day one by one.

This is how Mrs. Tonya Wilson, the principal, thought of the idea to have a school pet at Colonial School. “I actually got the fish from my house,” Mrs. Wilson said. “I felt my family wasn’t giving enough attention to the fish, and no one was allergic at the school. It is the perfect pet without fur.”

Amelia Resnick (4Ga) said, “I like (Riptide) because I think it’s cool that our school has a pet. It’s even cooler that it’s a small school so no one is crowding it.”

Other people had different opinions on what the fish should have been named after the choice was made.

“I think it should be named Bubbly,” said Ava Johnson (4Ga).

“Bubbles!” said Scarlett Kaplan (3K).

“Maybe, Paws,” suggested William Russello of class 1C.

Many really like having an official school pet.