Colonial’s Hour of Code

Colonials Hour of Code

MOST PEOPLE THINK that if you want to program games and code software, you have to spend lots of money on classes that give you nothing but a spinning head. But I have dug up a few sites that allow you to code extremely easily- and the rest of the school, too- on December 7th. Class by class will go to the computer lab and learn to code on that date. Each grade will be using a different site.

THE HOUR OF CODE is a program ran by where you can code by dragging and dropping boxes to make games and control characters, used only by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. It’s simple, too. The boxes that you can drag and drop don’t say complicated words, they say Move Forward or Move Left. The program uses the coding language JavaScript under all the big blocks. It’s perfect for kids that don’t know even a bit about coding!

CODECOMBAT.COM IS AN advanced site, used only by the 4th and 5th graders. It uses actual JavaScript, but shows it in an easy way. The site is actually just one game- CodeCombat-, but you can control the character (either Anya Weston or Tharin Thunderfist) by command syntax like self.moveRight or player2.moveRight. EDIT It sounds complicated, but is just what the code is like under the building blocks at

CODE STUDIO IS ANOTHER program ran by It uses big arrows to control characters (which are Angry Birds) and is used by Kindergarten because it’s very easy to understand. It’s easy to get the bird to the pig, too!

The entire school will be using these programs on December 7th. I hope we will have fun, and I’m sure everyone will.

Want to play the Hour of Code? Go [here]! Or [here]!

Want to play CodeCombat? Go [here]!

Want to play Code Studio? Go [here]!

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