Hurricane Mathew Gone Damages Aren’t

Hurricane Mathew has demolished many homes and lives. There are many ways to help the people who have been hurt. Ella K., in class 3L, said, “I would get them out of their damaged house and get them to safe home.” Some ways we can help include donating to UNICEF, International Red Cross, Food For The Poor, CARE, and many other donation sites. Education is important for some families like the Ginol family. Mr. Ginol said, “The school is totally damaged. They will start building the school, but it will take several months and my kids will lose a whole academic year.” A roof had collapsed on Mr. Ginol’s leg. They could use your help to rebuild their houses. Laura G. in class 4V said, “I would probably give them food and some other support.”  Many people have died in the US as well as other countries from Hurricane Mathew. Many people have no electricity, food, clothing, or shelter still. Many people as well as kids, need your help.