New music teacher Ms. Glasser is great; kids love her

COLONIAL — A new teacher named Ms. Ann-Louise Glasser now teaches chorus along with Mr. Rami Vamos.

In an interview with the Colonial Times, Ms. Glasser said she decided to be a teacher at 25. She went to school to be an opera singer at the Manhattan School of Music. The school asked her if she could write a show for kids. She loved performing for them about growing up to be an opera singer.

She went Colombia University to get her teaching degree. And luckily she is teaching in our town.

Most people think she is a happy, great and cool person.

Alessandara Oteri-Degloria said, “She is very very sweet and has a beautiful voice.”

Jada Baez said Ms. Glasser has a really great singing voice and is extremely awesome.

“She teaches my fourth graders so well,” said Mr. Alexander Ventura said.