Craze to make slime causes stores to run out of glue


COLONIAL — Kids have been making so much slime that stores have been running low of glue.

“Parents across the country are reporting a shortage of glue in stores and many are naming the simple, do-it-yourself ‘slime’ as the culprit,” according to USA Today. The main ingredient of slime is white glue such as Elmer’s.

Kids at Colonial School bring in containers of slime to play with. Not only is slime fun to play with, it’s fun to make.

Emily Rackley (5H) said, “I love it. It’s so relaxing.”

Laura Shelton (5H) said, “Slime has no purpose, but it is so addicting to play with that you just can’t stop.”

Making slime is an interesting project. When you make it, you use a lot of ingredients. There are many different types and ways to make slime. Although you use a lot of glue, slime is not entirely sticky and is very fun to play with.