Friendly First Fridays give students way to get to know each other

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COLONIAL — Mrs. Tonya Wilson, our school principal, was concerned about students walking past each other and not acknowledging each other. She said she was also upset because if students walked by someone and didn’t know their name, they wouldn’t say anything.

She decided to bring Friendly First Fridays to Colonial and  give everyone a name tag so that way if they went past someone who they don’t know in the hallways, they can say hi. This way more students could know each other, she said.

Kate Feldman (4G) liked the last Friendly First Friday and said “hi” to someone new.

Mrs. Wilson said that on next Friendly First Friday, students will be able to sit next their peer buddies or a friend during lunch. She thinks that Friendly First Friday lets more kids in the school get to know each other and have more friends.

She said she heard from Mrs. Kathleen Dragan, who teaches second grade, that her son did it in his school and thought it was a good idea to do it in ours.

Every first Friday of the month will be a Friendly First Friday.