The Pel Mel, high school’s paper, full of interesting stories, headlines—and reporters and editors


The journalism classroom and newsroom of the Pel Mel.

PMHS NEWSROOM — The Pel Mel, the high school student newspaper, has lots of interesting art, stories, headlines, reporters and editors.

Every day, students from PMHS arrive at the journalism class at exactly 11:14 to start working on the school newspaper, The Pel Mel. Over the whole year, the students publish six issues.  They work hard to meet deadlines and have to cooperate to decide the stories.

Neil Schleifer, the newspaper advisor, said, “Making the papers is a long process. We spend a lot of time brainstorming and coming up with the story ideas. The most important thing is finding an angle, because if all of them are the same, the stories will be boring.”

The editor in chief is an important role at the newspaper. The two students in the top position make sure the paper is well organized, has few or no mistakes, and they contribute articles to different sections of the paper.

Editor in Chief Johnny Liesman said, “The editors in chief are in charge of almost everything. We make sure that everyone is getting their job done. We also decide the design of the paper.”

The other Editor in Chief, Caitlin Kindig, said, “The mission of the paper is important to me because it shows that we are leaders, and we are delivering truthful information to Pelham.” Caitlin also said “the technology of the paper changed from the way you had to type the article then cut and paste the article. Now with technology, we can type it up and just print it. This means we can get articles out sooner.”

Sports Editor Jack Howard said, “I write about all the teams and season updates or something special about a team.”

The news editors said their jobs weren’t easy, but they were interesting and exciting.

News editor Charlotte Edmunds, a sophomore, said that some of the topics she covers include people winning competitions (sports, math, science, etc). For instance, she wrote a story about the hockey team winning the state championship. That actually happened to be her favorite article that she has written so far. At the time of the interview, she was working on a story about the girl’s lacrosse team taking a trip to Maryland.

Charlotte said the thing she enjoys most about being a news editor is writing articles that affect students and the school. She also really likes writing articles that people want to read.